Pancakes on the menu

On a lazy sunday like this, the best thing is a plate of pancakes. So here we go :
APRON with flowers and denim
My Sunday's outfit
Ingredients for pancakes, simple pancake recipe, crepes
 All you need : milk, eggs, flour, salt and sugar
Igredients for pancakes, all toppings
God bless Belgium, pullover with hood
 God, bless Belgium and pancakes!
Bon appetit!


  1. This post made me hungry :))

  2. Anonymous22/6/12 15:18

    Salut, ou as-tu trouvé le pull " God Bless Belgium " ? NEED IT :D

  3. Salut!
    je l'ai trouvé chez MR.EGO
    (Rue Des Pierres 29, 1000 Brussels) ;)


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