3 days in Holland (DAY 1)

I was so happy when my sweetheart offered me a little trip to the SEA!
The SEA... Here in Brussels I miss water... No big lakes, no rivers
(except canal, definitely nowhere near cool). So we went straight to Den Hague in Holland.
The weather was windy and not so sunny, therefore not so many tourists. 
Big sculpture with a KEY
A key to a nice evening
It was so relaxing & quite... No noisy tourists... 
Just us listening to eachother ... & the sea...
Bungy tower. We were suprised by very bizzare buildings :)
Casino on the poles. I guess, the fortune is bigger on the water.
A lot of little restaurants on the shore... Of course empty, but still cozy enough to have diner with the sea view.
In summer these places are super crowded. Kind of little Ibiza in Den Hague.
But I really enjoyed it in calmer way. Where you can feel the breeze and hear the sea. 

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