Mad men + Ice cream = two times more flavor

One item from my evening checklist is to watch a little episode before I go to sleep. 
I also like reading, but.. ''You remember books,  primitive version of  DVD''. It's a little joke from S&C. 
Before I was watching it over and over again (most of all episodes I know by heart). 
But, thanks to my friend Egle, I found MAD MEN. It's so stylish! 
All those details, furniture, dresses, red nails, men in hat makes me want to live in 60's! 
Plus good actors, scenario and nice style how they've filmed MAD MEN. And from now on I don't hear any complains from my sweetheart when I ask him to see series with me. 

More outfits from 60's

And on weekends we add Ben&Jerry's in our evening routine. 

Fairly nuts and Chocolate Macadamia are my favorite ones. Yumms!!!

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