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"A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future." - Coco Chanel
To continue on the list theme, I'll post about perfumes -  9 smells that I adore.
 P.S. label "pour homme" for me doesn't exist. It's the smell that counts.
1. Creed - LOVE IN WHITE (75ml EDP - 110€)

The scent is inspired by Olivier Creed's travels on the high seas, 
"an element of nature that connects all humanity." and according to Creed, the bottle evokes "the shoulders of a feminine figure as she rests upon white sands caressed by the ocean's gentle current. A silver ribbon at the neck conveys sunshine dancing on the Aegean sea". 

2. Amouage - CIEL (EDP 100ml - 200€)

I could rephrase "Sight for sore eyes" into "Smell for sore nose". Like a rain shower on a hot summer's day it cools and invigorates. Very special and even if a little bit expensive, it's worth every penny.
3. Prada - AMBER POUR HOMME (100ml EDT - 70€)

 I am awed by its creamy, spicy, lightly musky goodness. The notes of sandalwood, vanilla, and cardamom are really nice and last for hours. This scent could warm you up in any colder day.

 4. Dunhill - PURE (75ml EDT - 45€)

Dunhill's pure is so fresh!  I'm already imagine my bare feet in a cool water , summer breeze and a sound of an ocean. There is only one major con -  it lasts no longer then a buterfly's fart.

5. Comme des Garçons - WONDERWOOD (100ml EDP - 87€)

Comme des Garçons describes the fragrance as a “positive overdose of woods, woody notes and synthetic wood construction (wood gone mad)”. It includes all the wood notes plus some spices to liven things up: Madagascan pepper, bergamot, incense, nutmeg, cedar... I love to smell this perfume on my boyfriend. 

6. DKNY - PURE (100ml EDP - 70€)

The perfume offers pure moments of enjoyment and relaxation. 
I was wearing it when I met my love.
So from then on this smell takes me back into those days (sometimes with shivers on my skin).

7. Bvlgari - JASMIN NOIR (50ml EDP - 64€)

All my perfumes could be grouped in two sections - super strong & sweet and cool & fresh. This one belongs to the first category. Perfect match with a little black dress. A sensual evening guaranteed. 

8. Lalique - LE PARFUM (100ml EDP - 92€)

René Jules Lalique was a French glass designer known for his creations of perfume bottles, vasesjewellerychandeliersclocks and automobile hood ornaments. He started a glassware firm, named after himself, which still remains successful. When his granddaughter’s, Marie-Claude, decided to create her own line of perfume in 1992, this initiative was more than justifiable. It was the combination of a genuine perfumery creation and the know-how of crystal glass-making. So here we have a fantastic "le parfum". I was hypnotized after very first time I smelled this perfume.

9. Chanel - CHANCE (50ml EDT - 55€)

One of my favorite perfumes (from sweet ones). It's a smell, that I can't live without, so whenever I finish a bottle, I immediately buy another one. Give it a chance! :)

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