Chicken with mushrooms

Another easy-to-make recipe. 
I made chicken with mushrooms a lot of times 
and my guests always were happy how it tasted.
So I decided to share how I prepare this dish.

You will need:
 Chicken breast , mushrooms, cream, butter, salt & pepper, 
oregano, parmezano cheese, garlic.
For purée:
Carrots & potatoes, muscat nut powder, butter, salt.
It's nice to eat it with salads, or some green vegetables.
In this case - peas.

Boil carrots & potatoes

Add salt, muscat nut powder, butter if you want some pepper and grate the vegetables.

Bake chicken and garlic in butter 

Add mushrooms

Wait till it gets color

Then it's time for cream and spices 

Little bit of parmezano on top and it's done!

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