Finally I got some free time to post my pictures from Barcelona. 
It was my first time in this Catalonian city, where beautiful old architecture meets modernism,
 night life in the city and calm days in the beach getting this beautiful gold mediterranean tan.
I enjoyed every minute in the sun (that's why 6 days out of 7 I spend on the beach ;)) )
Yeah yeah, museums, expos etc... I really didn't care much about visiting them 
(Except chedevres in Park Güell, next post about it), 
cause after rainy days in Brussels all I needed was sun and beach.
Ready for vacation!
On my way to Barcelona!
The sight for the sore eyes
Robert's happy vs. Robert's not happy
I prefer picture nr.1
Pasta with creamy spinach sauce 
Watermelooooon in the beach
Jessica, me & Robert
Cava with juice and special cava :)
Cava almost every evening...
Smoothies, juices, fruit salads 
Is he cute or what? :) Talking about Robert, he's my wonderful friend. 
We know each other already for 20 years, since kindergarten. 
And no matter the fact that we don't live in the same city anymore 
(not even the same country. He lives in Lithuania, me in Belgium) 
we try to maintain our friendship like taking this little vacation together. 
Thank you for a wonderful time in Barcelona, Buru (that's a secret nickname for him)!

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