Boating in Italy

Vacation in Italy passed so quickly. We stayed there one week, totally relaxed and happy under the sun (I'll post more photos from Italy later). But now a fun in the boat visiting Cinque terre, the italian riviera with five villages on the hills. One lazy day when the sea hided her waves, we took a boat and enjoyed the fantastic view and time on the water.
And here we go!
Pizza for lunch in the boat
It's time to fly
It's time to fly part 2
This little boat sells ice creams and cold drinks
It was a fantastic day...

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  1. Labai gera idėja apžiūrinėt Cinque Terre iš valties. Ir vaizdai iš jūros labai gražūs, ir nereikia vaikščiot sukaitus gatvėm. Matosi puikios pas jus buvo atostogos. :)


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