Happy birthday, Virgos!

This time is very special for me. Not because the summer is about to finish and leaves began to fall giving me this cozy feeling that soon I'll wrap myself in a wool sweater...
Now it's the time that I'm celebrating my friends! 
I don't know how to explain it, 
but almost all of them including my father happen to be born under Virgo. 
It's like friendship by mother goose :)))
So I'm dedicating this post to my sweetest friends. 

You already know Robert aka Mr. Fantastic from my post.
Here is Grete, person who comforts me like nobody else! 
Nina, girl who has such a big heart!
My dear Egle, who loves my pancakes and makes me the best cappuccino ever!
My sweet father! Who has fantastic sense of humor and always there for me.
And Karima, the time with her always passes with a smile!

Happy birthday you all! Love you so much and wish you the best!

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