As you could notice from my previous posts, I always made chicken dishes instead of red meat
(this could sound a little bit bizarre, knowing the fact that I'm vegetarian). 
But sometimes people (I mean my boyfriend and friends, who have to eat what I make) 
ask something beside chicken. This is how cutlets made their way to blog. 
Another great dish for autumn.
And healthy too, cause as a vegetarian I add a lot of vegetables EVERYWHERE possible.
Plus I changed wheat flour with flaxseed meal, so hello nice digestion :)
Mince carrots and onion
Half of it goes with meat, eggs, flaxseed meal, salt&peppers, italian spices.
Another half of carrots and onion goes for sauce. Bake it first with some butter, salt and pepper.
Then add tomatoes
Form cutlets
Bake them and when they almost ready, add the sauce and bake for 10 min more.
Make potato puree and serve it.

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