FOTOFEVER - photography art fair, that explores the diversity 
of photography and video art of today while also supporting the young generation 
and spreading interest among new collectors.
So one sunny sunday three photography lovers found them selfs in TOUR&TAXIS.
 Almost 60 galleries to see. The big question, where to start?
Mauro Barbosa photography, lady gaga photo, king and queen
OWL - peleda - hibou - pilkoji peleda
I love owls!
And here we found lithuanian stand!
And made a picture with a director of international Photographic festival in Lithuania.
Mr. Mindaugas Kavaliauskas is pointing at you, my dear.
CHRISTOPHE LICOPPE - photography - be focus - belgium - belgique
Well, hello there!
Coffee break
Oleg Dou: Monkey, 2009
Oleg Dou: Monkey, 2009

I can't describe the feeling when I saw this picture. 
It's bizarre and cute, and cold and...
Mauro tried to get in the mood :)

Here are some more pictures that caught my eyes.
Lola Guerra: Delights, 2012

I was so happy to see this picture!!!
Had a little photo of it for some time in my computer now.
So I almost shrilled when I saw it in fotofever.
 Anna Orlowska: Baby on a tree, 2011
Ellen Kooi: oosterplas 2012

I was amazed by Ellen Kooi photography!
 My new favorite for sure.
Anouk Aimée & Cigarette Holder, 1961
Walter Carone: Brigitte Bardot, 1952


  1. Labai gražios fotografijos. Su oranžiniu debesiu - nereali. :)

  2. Esu didele balioneliu ir debeseliu fane ;)
    manau, koki karta parodysiu visas graziausias ju sukauptas fotografijas...


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