Hey autumn, I love you!

I keep check'ing my list for things to do in autumn.
Last sunday was not rainy so we found ourselves wandering 
in a dazzling park - Jardins du Fleuriste.
My beloved put his gummy boots to keep me company.
My outfit for the occasion was kind of english country unisex. 
Calvin Klein coat was confiscated from my dear Robert. 
When we were living together I'd always sneak in his closet :)
Gummy boots from Replay I got it on sale last winter.
The main detail of my outfit - flat cap - deserves an extra attention.
I got it from my classmate back then in school. 
It was his grandfather, but fitted me very well so I kept it till now.
Try to spot me in the photo on the left. You see how brave I'm? :)
What are your plans and tasks for autumn?


  1. Kas man priminė, kad reikia įsigyti Wellington Boots... :)

  2. Cia, Belgijoje jie yra neikainojami :)


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