Apologize for not being very present lately.
Autumn really shook me up. So many changes.
One of them you can see in a picture below.
This is the view to my little terrace.

I found a new job. So different from what I was doing before.
So first days i was like a sponge absorbing all the info. 
Plus on my free from work days I was not resting at all.
First it was  European Design Biennale, then my moving, 
then all the extra tasks I had to do.
I become a really busy woman :)))
And this was the main reason why I abandoned you for a little while.
But I can't complain : I got so many new information, 
a lot of nice people came in to my life (talking about my colleagues),
 I had fantastic time searching
 for the pleasure to my eyes there in Kortrijk 
(next post will be about biennale) 
and found myself somewhere between happy-tired.

Stay tuned!


  1. I'll be waiting,
    See you soon "busy woman" :)

  2. Let's play? ;)


Thank you for nice comments!♡