I heart colorful ART

Finally I went to Rollebeek gallery for some delightful sight. Before I was just passing by every time on my way to dutch courses and even if I had to run , I couldn't help my eyes rolling at a colorful vitrine. Most of the pieces were created by israelian artist David Gerstein who studied arts in New York, London and Paris.

Here are some pictures of his work.

A thousand kisses
I think it's very smart to expose all those colorful pieces. Most of the time it's rainy or cloudy here in Brussels, so visiting a place like this at least for a moment takes off the grey shade.
This is how it looks from a side

Jazz for Jazzille :)
There is nothing better then to discover something wonderful,
 touching, soulful  and ... shopping. 
Therefore buying an arty piece perfectly connects both of joys.
Broche - heart shaped - colorful design
I heart colorful art :) 

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