PIZZA time

 Dine in - for me this is a perfect plan for saturday. Of course there are some other like concerts, cinemas, dancing parties or weekends out of the city... But this time PIZZA is in da house!!!

Mix & Match in the kitchen
Hand tossed thin crust...
...covered with tomato sauce...
...mushrooms, olives, artichokes and other toppings.
And here is result from the kitchen.
It was delectable! 
Lovely pause before dessert
How is it possible without? :)

Drinking wine and talking after the dinner about art, 
politics and other random stuff  were also  included in the menu.

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  1. uhm delicious!. Anywhere around you can search for a good food with different specialty of taste and you will get used to it. Happy eating everyone :)

    Xahnn from University Faculty Jobs


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