Spinach and ricotta cannelloni

Today I found out that it's quite easy to make Spinach and ricotta cannelloni. 
You will need:
Spinach - Parsley - Milk - Butter - Flour - Ricotta - Cannelloni pasta 
Salt&Pepper - Garlic - Ground muskat nut - Parmesan
and more or less 40min. 
Usually I don't follow recipes, so there will be no 100 gr. of this, or 1l of that.
I do how I feel and highly recommend the same to you.
The basic is the basic, all the rest is pure improvisation.
Like always. 
easiest recipe cannelloni spinach ricotta
Heat the butter
Add flour, milk, salt&pepper, muscat nut
Mix well
Spinach in boiling water at the same moment place garlic in a pan
Then spinach , parsley and ricotta in a pan
Fill cannelloni tubes and place them in the dish.
Pour the sauce on top.
easiest recipe cannelloni spinach ricotta
 Preheat owen up to 190° and cook for 30 min.
A little bit of parmesan and it's ready!
easiest recipe cannelloni spinach ricotta cheese parmesan italian dish sauce

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