l'occitane cosmetics, body beauty products, french cosmetics
I'm mix&match kind of girl and usually don't stick with one brand.
 But there is something wonderful about L'occitane.
 I like almost everything there!!!
And my sweetheart knows that very well. 
So weel, that as soon as I finish some of my beauty products, 
he surprises me with new ones.
l'occitane cosmetics, body beauty products, french cosmetics
What's your favorite?
1. Angelica Hydration Cream - This is one of my favorite face creams, 
    I already wrote about it HERE.
2. Angelica Face Toner - very gentle eco toner for all types of skin.
3. Green Tea Body Milk - this body milk is quickly absorbed so you can put on your PJ's
    straight away without worrying that it will get half of your moisturizer.
4. Verbena Foaming Bath - This one is actually more for my boyfriend,
    cause he likes the smell of this product on my skin.
5. Almond Shower Oil - It's a joy to shower with this oil. 
    Softens skin and leaves a nice aroma. Genuine moment of pleasure.
6. Rose 4 Reines Rose Body Milk - I like this body milk, cause it makes your skin soooo soft.
7. Rose 4 Reines Velvet Hand Cream - the same goes for hand cream, 
    leaves hands soft with no oily traces. It's always standing on my nightstand.
8. Pivoine Hand Cream - I love peony! Since my rose travel size hand cream 
tube was finished peony was something very pleasant for a change. 
9. Ultra Rich Face Scrub - Its creamy base, enriched in shea butter (10%) 
and chestnut extract, helps the skin to maintain its natural moisture level. 
10. Verbena Body Salt Scrub - With this scrub body and mood feel revived.
11. Delicious Almond Soap - Contains crushed almond shells to 
gently exfoliate skin and leaves it pleasantly perfumed. 
12. Shea Butter Hand Cream - This is probably the best hand cream ever. Seriously, 
    so good that sometimes I use it for my face as well :)

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