I would like to share some pictures from our honey week in NY.
 That time was fantastic, we stayed in four different hotels. 
Wandered around in Manhattan, dined and wined in lovely restaurants, 
met our friends, celebrated my 21+ birthday in Kanye West's concert, visited museums and shops, 
and most importantly stayed in LOVE.
Hotel Standard offered us a fantastic view 
 If you are in NY, and If you are Audrey Hepburn's fan... Then this is the place you must visit.
 The movie I was watching while flying to NY and the diamond Audrey was wearing.
 Child blow your horn now
 Spice market - probably the best restaurant in the Meat Packing District.

 Top of the rock and Eataly
 Kanye West in Maison Martin Margiela outfit for Yeezus tour
 Our my darling husband, I love you so!
Another thing you have to try in NY is a hotdog. 
As a pescatarian I was just watching my husband doing so :) 
On the right is a public library where Carrie Bradshaw from S&C had to get married.
 I want a bathroom like this.
 My beloved.
 Times square and a naked cowboy
 There is something in NY that makes sleep useless
 My favorite meal of the day - breakfast.
Plaza hotel

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