There is this terrain with old apple trees surrounded by forest.
Where streamlet replaces radio.
Where food comes from garden.
Where highest building is a treehouse.
Where you sit by the fire and get the best conversations.
You know where to find me when I need to get away.

The field is on fire from poppies
Apple tree garden
Favorite flowers 
Food :)
Children like here too
Perfect place for a morning coffee
Our friend
My mom and her son in law
Some can be happy with strawberries, others get meat feast

I heart Vilnius

When I was nine, I found a photo album of Vilnius. Spend all day day looking at those pictures. Those rooftops, little streets, churches mesmerized me for life. I told to myself, oh those people living there have to be so lucky. One day I will be one of them. After nine years I moved and promised never leave Vilnius. But you know, you make plans and God laughs.
Brussels became my last destination, my home, place where my little family lives and I'm happy here.
Meanwhile I visited other cities... Some of them I liked, some of them didn't touch my heart...
But nowhere else I felt more like home...And none of those visited cities took a bigger place in my heart than VILNIUS. 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my dear!
And while we celebrating the 2014 I took a walk down memory lane through 2013.
It started in the nicest way - engagement. 
We travelled Paris-Koln-Barcelona-Milan-Pakruojis-Palanga-NewYork-Vilnius.
Worked a lot, played a lot.
Spend so many beautiful moments with our friends, 
visited museums and bars too :)
went to fairs, baked pancakes, found the fun with UNO,
We had sunny days and the grumpy ones,
relaxed in parks, ate a lot of gelato, 
got married and most importantly stayed in love!
Thank you 2013, you made me very happy.